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Healing Properties: Helps you understand life lessons quicker so that you grow as a person a lot faster, helps you take control of your anger, hatred, and frustrations, increases meditation progress, helps you let go of unhealthy emotions, helps you reveal who you truly are, helps you feel more secure in your mind and body, protects your mind from feeling overwhelmed by strong unhealthy thoughts.


Horoscope: Virgo and Sagittarius might be most attracted to this stone


NoteDue to the fact that all our gemstones are 100% natural, some beads might slightly vary in size, weight & color.


Wrist Size

XS = 145 mm / 5.7 Inches

S = 157 mm / 6.2 Inches

M = 169 mm / 6.6 Inches

L = 181 mm / 7.1 Inches

XL = 193 mm / 7.6 Inches


All bracelets are elastic

Sugilite 12mm

$218.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price

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