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Healing Properties: Recycles your energy, helps you feel compassion, helps you think of others, helps you become more open to new ideas, helps improve your relationships with others, helps you become more tolerant of others, and opens your energy field to new energy from the universe.


Horoscope: Virgo, Scorpio, and Leo might be most attracted to this stone.


Note: Due to the fact that all our gemstones are 100% natural, some beads might slightly vary in size, weight & color.


Wrist Size

 XS = 140 mm / 5.5 Inches

 S    = 148 mm / 5.8 Inches                             

 M  = 156 mm / 6.1 Inches   

 L    = 164 mm / 6.5 Inches

 XL  = 172 mm / 6.8 Inches


 All bracelets are elastic.

Rhodonite - 8mm

$49.00 Regular Price
$24.50Sale Price

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