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The UAE's newest precious gemstone has finally arrived ! 

Crystal Planet is the first to proudly present:

 Precious Sunstone Feldspar

for the first time in UAE , available NOW !

What is Precious Sunstone Feldspar and Why is it Special ?

Gemologists and Geologists alike are quickly recognizing that Precious Sunstone Feldspar is now becoming just as rare and valuable as other precious and rare gems such as Spinels, Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds. It was quickly established in the precious gemstone market as a high end gem that deserves a great deal of recognition due to its unique qualities that cannot be found in other precious gemstones. 18 million years ago, aggressive volcanic activity was responsible for the formation of these crystals and fused them with high concentrations of copper and other minerals. The Feldspar family group of crystals has a variety of fascinating stones including Moonstone, Labradorite, Cuprian Labradorite Sunstone, and Amazonite, but only the Cuprian Labradorite Sunstone is considered a true precious Feldspar gemstone of great value. Cuprian Labradorite Sunstones are found only in the USA and have a hardness of 6.5 - 7. Australia, Canada, Congo, India, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania have a different type of stone that is also named  " Sunstone ", but it is virtually worthless in the gemstone market and does not posses the criteria needed to be given any recognition. Cuprian Labradorite Sunstone gets its nickname from its unusual glittery appearance caused by naturally formed inclusions. The inclusions are usually composed of Copper and other minerals and can even reveal themselves by shimmering without actually being visible to the naked eye. Unlike other gems, this precious gem is one of the few on earth that can increase drastically in value the more inclusions it has! In the world of precious stones, Cuprian Labradorite Sunstone is also valued because of other rare qualities such as "Aventurescence " and " Dichroism ". The visual effect of a dichroic crystal is when the colors occur on more than one  axis of the gem and the colors appear to follow the eye. Very few precious gems of this class have these two scientific properties visible at the same time within a single stone. 

Please Note: This precious gemstone is acknowledged by the GIA

King of Colors and Craftsmanship

Since Cuprian Labradorite Sunstones are the only precious gems naturally colored by copper on the planet, you have a wide range of fascinating shades of  colors. Some of the most well known colors are: yellow, red, orange, and brown, but by working directly with hard working miners, we are able to get the most unique and rarest colors of this precious gemstone in the entire world. These extremely rare colors are coming from a very exclusive digging location that is producing amazing colors and color combinations of this gem which have never been seen before. We only send these gems to the most experienced veteran gem cutters in Germany who have amazing skills in cutting gems with difficult crystal structures and who know how to bring out only the best in every individual stone. We are completely against gemstone treatments and do not work with any source that disrupts the nature of the gem. Official gemologist gemstone certificates are provided for every stone.   

Investing in a Gem's Future

Without a doubt, every jewelry owner and gem collector should have this irresistible crystal in their collection, because in the world of precious gemstones, the Cuprian Labradorite Sunstone is now one of the fastest rising superstars in the market and is guaranteed to increase in value within the next 5 years and beyond ! In the not so distant future, the Cuprian Labradorite Sunstone will become insanely expensive like stones such as the Imperial Topaz, and only the very rich will be able to afford it. Now more than ever is the perfect time to invest in Precious Sunstones before they become unaffordable to the majority of the public. We as Crystal Planet try our absolute best to make sure that this precious gem is affordable to everyone regardless of their budget, because we know very well that this is the gemstone of the future.   

For more Info, please call the head of operations, Sales Manager Mr.Matthew : +971 56 563 6550 

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