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Welcome to Crystal Planet, a company that is entirely dedicated to products that are related to mineral jewelry and natural history. 


Mineral Jewelry: We specialize in selling pure 925 silver jewelry combined with 100% natural crystals and minerals. Our minerals are found by working with geologists from all over the world who try their very best to bring you only top quality stones. We then design our crystal jewelry with the help of silversmiths in Europe. The world of crystals and minerals is larger than anyone can imagine, so we decided to use this to our advantage and create some of the most spectacular crystal jewelry in the entire Middle Eastern region. We are so dedicated to our cause, that we even went the extra mile by featuring jewelry with different hand picked stone combinations. Our shop features endless varieties of different crystals and minerals so that our customers will always find something new and dazzling. 


Natural History: If you are fascinated by nature, then join us on our journey as we introduce you to 100% natural fossils and minerals like never before! Crystal Planet is the first company to professionally introduce the hobby of fossil and mineral collecting to the Middle East. By collaborating with qualified scientists who study prehistoric life that existed millions of years ago (Paleontologists), we were even able to legally acquire one-of-a-kind and certified Dinosaur fossils! Dinosaurs are just one of the many unique species of ancient animals that we feature in our store. We also feature mesmerizing minerals and crystals that are preserved in their original rough forms, directly from the heart of the wilderness. Whether you are a beginner or a collector, Crystal Planet guarantees that there is something for everyone. 


*Please Note: Crystal Planet highly recommends individuals to view the science documentary " BBC, Planet Dinosaur " for more reliable in-depth facts and knowledge about the world of fossils and Dinosaur Evidence. We also recommend the DK Smithsonian Handbook on Fossils as another official guide.*


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